Print Book Sales over the past year

This is an interesting article about how the sales of books has increased in some categories and decreased in others.

Total Sales of Print Books (in thousands)

Jan. 6, 2018 Jan. 5, 2019 Chge Week Chge YTD
Total 12,286 13,434 9.3% 9.3%

Unit Sales of Print Books by Category (in thousands)

Jan. 6, 2018 Jan. 5, 2019 Chge Week Chge YTD
Adult Nonfiction 5,647 6,060 7.3% 7.3%
Adult Fiction 2,447 2,495 2.0% 2.0%
Juvenile Nonfiction 758 887 14.3% 14.3%
Juvenile Fiction 2,172 2,528 16.4% 16.4%
Young Adult Fiction 381 428 12.2% 12.2%
Young Adult Nonfiction 32 36 12.4% 12.4%

Unit Sales of Print Books by Format (in thousands)

Jan. 6, 2018 Jan. 5, 2019 Chge Week Chge YTD
Hardcover 3,206 3,809 18.8% 18.8%
Trade Paperback 6,583 6,828 3.7% 3.7%
Mass Market Paperback 1,013 951 -6.2% -6.2%
Board Books 595 667 34.7% 34.7%
Audio 47 35 -25.2% -25.2%

It’s interesting how audio books fell, the same for mass market books. Yet the trade paperback rose, along with hardcover and board books. Part of the increase in trade paperback could be because self published authors and some publishers use that size a lot, including this publisher. It could be because of the rise in print on demand services, which almost exclusively use the trade size.

There is no comparison to e-books in this article, so I don’t know how those numbers relate in sales. That will be researched and discussed in a future posting.

What it does show is print books are on the rise. They are selling. And the genre that seems to be doing the best is juvenile/young adult books.

It will be interesting to see what happens with 2019.




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2017 has to be better

I don’t know how 2016 was for everyone else, but for me it was a trying year.

It started out okay. The business was good. I had a job I enjoyed, good food and friends. I even had health insurance so I didn’t have to pay the fine this year. I still have all of that but a bit of not-so-good stuff slowly crept in.

It had to deal with loss.

The loss of my freedom to travel cross country for the heck of it.

The loss of running the business every day without interruption.

The loss of my dad.

The loss of true friendship with my kid.

The loss of my sister, again and again.

Basically, the loss of control.

It is hard to say this because we, as humans, like to be in control. We don’t like to lose. Losing is frowned upon. Losing makes you a failure in the eyes of society.

For a while, a long while, I bought into it.

During the summer of 2013, I had a blast traveling with my mom across the states to the west coast. We traveled  for several days, taking in the sights of the mountains, the salt flats, the wildlife and the water.



I miss being able to do this again.

I miss my sister. I miss hearing her voice. I miss hearing her laughter and knowing I could pick up the phone and call her. The last time I saw her, I had some lame ass excuse on why I didn’t want to go to her house again. Truth was I was tired and wanted to relax without having to go all the time. I had no idea it would be the last time I saw her alive. I lost my sister in 2010, yet it feels a lot like it was just yesterday.


In 2016 I lost my dad. In actuality, I lost him to stupidity 18 years or so ago. I won’t go into the details. That is another story. But I will never forget the torn, heart-wrenching feeling I had when I was told he was going into crisis care. For those not aware, my dad went into hospice after discovering his lung cancer was too advanced and after my brother convinced him to do so. I really think the feeling of loss here is because of what I will never have: a dad I can sit and talk about life stuff with rather than who he was. Again, another story.

As to the business, I got lost there as well. I truly love this business. I love helping authors reach their dreams: having a book published. I love working with some of the best people I know. I love that Brieanna has stood by even when I was self destructing. She helped give me a swift kick in the ass to realize what I was doing. I was causing others the pain of loss, the pain of not having control over their works.

So, for 2017, I have a mission. I have a mission to reduce the loss of control, a mission to bring back balance, to regain control. Slips may occur; loss may rear its ugly head again. The difference is I will NOT allow it to take control to that level again.

And on a side note, the tiny gecko that I thought for sure would be either cat food or have starved by now just appeared on the wall and wagged its tail (yes, it really did wag its tail). That really made my day.

WP books related to loss:

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All eBooks are on sale for $0.99 during the month of Feb.

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More about Melissa Saari


More about author Melissa Saari

WP Where is the most memorable place you have ever traveled?

MS The place that left the most memories for me is Portland, Oregon. It’s an exquisite city and I will never forget the time I spent there.

WP Is there a place you want to visit?

MS I would love to visit Finland someday. It’s the home of my ancestors, and a lot of Saari’s still live in Finland. The country also inspired a lot of my fantasy writing, and I would love to see the place that inspired the ancient gods and goddesses.

WP What would you consider one of your greatest accomplishments?

MS Getting my first book published, “The Red Satin Shoes.” Oh, and I finished my Bachelor’s program in Screenwriting with a Latin Honor of Cum Laude. It was a privilege and an accomplishment to learn my craft. I’m working on my Master’s Degree now, and I’m projected to graduate in 2017.

WP Who is your favorite character you have created?

MS My favorite character would have to be Cato, the half-man, half-lion that becomes the hero in “The Curse of the Lion People.” He was stripped of everything, like his entire tribe, banished to the Forbidden Forest, but he didn’t let that stop him. He struggles to lift this curse, and his reward is his restored humanity. I have many more books about him.

WP Is there any genre you want to try, but haven’t yet?

MS Science Fiction is a genre that I haven’t explored yet. I have a book called “Eve” about space and rockets, but I haven’t finished it yet. I have a class coming up at Southern New Hampshire University about writing Science Fiction, so I’m looking forward to the future. Maybe “Eve” will be finished someday.

WP What is your creative process like? Do you prefer quiet or a noisy atmosphere when writing?

MS My life is chaotic most of the time, so I can work under both circumstances, but I prefer a quiet place to write. But sometimes life is pure chaos, so I’ve had to learn how to draw inspiration from that chaos. Even in the chaos, there’s still a message and a meaning. Make it the darkest part of the story. Make it work for you.

WP What do you want readers to take away from your stories?

MS I try to invoke something inside the reader, whether it’s fear or happiness, or tears – to get some emotion out of the readers, that’s entertainment to me. It makes me very happy to know that the reader was entertained, that they got something out of my story and it made them happy. Alfred Hitchcock had the same idea. When he was outside the theater, listening to the reactions of the audience as the knife comes down in “Psycho,” that’s how I feel. He was enjoying each scream; you could just see the joy on his face. Sure, it was just an actor playing Alfred Hitchcock, but even the actor understood how Hitchcock must have felt. “Hitchcock” was released in 2012, but I remember the scene like it was yesterday.

WP If you could offer any piece of advice to the novice writer, what would it be?

MS Patience and perseverance are both key principles. You have a gift, an ability to tell stories, and even though writers struggle, we don’t give up. I’ve struggled from writer’s block in the past, but I always find inspiration to continue my craft. I always find that movie screen in my mind, playing a different movie every time, and I organize it inside of my mind to make it a story. Writing’s almost like breathing to me, and anyone who has that passion should persevere and not give up on their writing.

WP Do you have anything releasing soon?

MS Yes, “The Curse of the Lion People” is coming out soon, and not too long after that, “The Blue Satin Diary,” another horror book, will also be published by Whimsical Publications.

WP Where can we find you on the web?

MS I have a few Twitter handles, @moonrose46 being my main handle for now, but I also have a Facebook account. When the other books start getting published, I’ll be using my fantasy page, @yafantasybook, to promote “The Curse of the Lion People.”


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More about D.M. Thornton

lost_front          lostwithoutyou_front

More about author D.M. Thornton

WP Where is the most memorable place you have ever traveled?

DM – I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled all over the United States, but my most memorable place would have to be New York. My grandparents took me on a trip when I was in high school, starting off in the Poconos and ending in Canada. Although we stopped in every state along the way and saw so many beautiful and historical places, New York was truly amazing. I’m still enamored by that city.

WP Is there a place you want to visit?

DM – There are so many places I would love to visit, but being I have some Sicilian in me, I HAVE to go to Italy. It’s been a dream of mine since I was young and hope to check off my bucket list some time sooner rather than later. I dream about walking the cobblestone streets, riding in a gondola, drinking too much wine and espresso, and stuffing my face with rice balls, fresh pasta and cannolis!

WP What would you consider one of your greatest accomplishments?

DM – My three kids are my greatest accomplishments. Sure, I have accomplished a lot in my life, thus far, but nothing compares to being their mom. They are the force that drives me.

WP – Who is your favorite character you have created?

DM – My favorite character is Brittany from the Lost series. We have a special connection…a bond, if you will. Her growth and strength inspired me. She kept me company during a difficult time personally, and even though she had me in tears, I will always consider her to be one of my favorites.

WP Is there any genre you want to try, but haven’t yet?

DM – I would love to get back to my roots, so to speak, and write paranormal and contemporary horror. There’s nothing like reading a book that scares the piss outta ya, and I want to deliver something that has the reader scratching their heads questioning my sanity.

WP What is your creative process like? Do you prefer quiet or a noisy atmosphere when writing?

DM – Well, being a stay-at-home mom of three, I don’t get much time to sit down for any length of time to write. I generally sneak it in whenever possible, so during nap times or if I have an hour to kill while at sports practices. Since I’m a night owl, I get a lot of writing done after everyone goes to sleep. I prefer a quiet space with background music over noisy, but it’s very rare I get any quiet time. I’ve learned to adapt to my surroundings, whatever they might be. Now if I had my way, I would have a legit library/writing room, completely Pinterested out, where I can hide and write for hours. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

WP What do you want readers to take away from your stories?

DM – I hope that readers take away the emotion from my stories…to feel the love and passion of the characters. I want them to not want to put the book down, and when it’s over, I want them to want more.

WP If you could offer any piece of advice to the novice writer, what would it be?

DM – I’m not sure I could offer a novice writer a whole lot of advice as I, myself, am still a novice. But, I would say write for yourself, not for anyone else. Don’t over think too much, and don’t be afraid to write outside the lines. When you stop caring what everyone else thinks and let your inhibitions go, something truly amazing transpires.

WP Do you have anything releasing soon?

DM – Not at the moment since Lost Without You, the second book in the Lost series, just came out. But Lost Forever, the final book in the series, will be the next book to be released.

WP Where can we find you on the web?

DM – I’m on all social media sites, and I have a website. I love to hear from readers, so stop on by and leave a message. Let’s talk about books!


Goodreads: dmthorntonwriter

Facebook: DM Thornton

Twitter: dmthorntonwrit1

Instagram: dmthorntonwriter

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Two Authors of the Month!

Authors Melissa Saari and D.M. Thornton are with us this month Welcome ladies!

lost_front   lostwithoutyou_front




WP What types of stories do you write?

DM At the moment, I write erotica and contemporary romance.

WP Why do you choose to write in the genre you do?

DM  I can’t say I chose the romance genre. It’s more like it chose me. I didn’t start getting into romance novels until about five years ago. A friend of mine turned me onto romance. I knew I wanted to try a hand at writing my own after I read the This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas. She is amazing! So, this is currently my genre of choice to read as well as write.

WP What made you first want to be a writer? Is there someone who inspired you?

DM  I’ve always loved writing. When I was a kid, I filled up a three ring binder with short stories that I wrote. Of course back then I wrote paranormal and contemporary horror. I’m a huge Stephen King fan. Between Stephen King and John Saul, those masterminds kept me awake plenty of nights, and I wanted to write scary books just like them.

WP What is your favorite part about being a writer?

DM My favorite part about being a writer is being able to give life to my imagination. The idea of producing something that could make someone feel deep emotion, in any form, and allow them to forget about life and reality for awhile…well, that makes me happy.

WP Anything exciting going on in your life right now?

DM With the life I live, everyday is exciting!

More to come!

We asked Melissa the same questions. Love both their answers.


WP – What types of stories do you write?

MS Historical romance, fantasy and horror are my favorite genres.

WP Why do you choose to write in the genre you do?

MS I’ve always had a passion for history. I find the bygone ages fascinating; how people used to live. Horror is a genre I work in because I love to be scared, surprised to find out what’s going to happen around the corner. Fantasy has always been my favorite genre because I get to build a world inside my head, any way I choose. I love creating characters that look completely unique and different from anything that readers have experienced before.

WP What made you first want to be a writer? Is there someone who inspired you?

MS Stephen King first made me want to be a writer. I grew up watching a lot of his movies on TV. Mary Higgins Clark, Danielle Steele, and “Gone with the Wind” is one of my favorite movies of all time. Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey, and Arthur C. Clarke have been favorites of mine for decades.

WP What is your favorite part about being a writer?

MS The fact that I can dive deep inside my own world, escape from the outside reality and live through my characters. I can see through them, I can feel through them, I can even hear through them. After the movie plays, I break down the story, make it come to life, alter the storyline, make it more dramatic. It’s been a way of life for so long that I’ve never thought of doing anything else.

WP Anything exciting going on in your life right now?

MS I’m getting an Author Spotlight, June 9, and I’ve been picking up a few other interviews and reviews too. It’s been exciting to have people ask for a copy of my book so that they can review it.

More to come!

Learn more about these exceptional ladies and their stories at

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More about Author of the Month Rebecca Skovgaard

20140809 Becky Skovgaard-0656-WEB

More with Author Rebecca Skovgaard

WP – Anything exciting going on in your life right now?

RS The better question is, what’s with the raccoon tattoo on your shoulder? (Which is pretty much an answer to the actual question.)

So for reasons not quite explainable, my family has determined that the raccoon is our totem. (Smart and wily, doing anything for food, not minding to look ridiculous. Protective of young. Adorable.) We encourage (i.e., feed) rather than discourage raccoons in our yard, a thing our neighbors have just had to accept. (We make up for it other ways, such as how our unfertilized, unpesticided scrappy yard makes theirs look good.) We have bonfires in the back yard, wear Davey Crockett hats, and tell raccoon yarns or read odes to the raccoon. We all have raccoon tats. And a tribal raccoon symbol is featured on the shield of my shield maiden costume (but that’s another story).

WP What is the most memorable place you have ever traveled?

RS I haven’t traveled outside of the U.S. except for a bit in Canada. But I grew up in Montana, and that’s no small potatoes. I’m not much of a city person—the last time I met my offspring in Philadelphia, I dragged them all off to the Longwood Gardens and the Morris Arboretum. In NYC we hung out in Central Park. (Okay, we did other stuff there, too.)

I do think there’s value in seeing how other humans live their lives and in feeling history as it can be found in other locales. Maybe travel will show up on my bucket list. But I vow in the meantime to learn from the humans I see every day. And nature wows me regardless, whether it’s the Beartooth Mountains or the pond and woods trail down the road from me, part of Pittsford’s greenprint land. (Or, my garden, but then, I have to get to work.)

If it’s all not memorable, you’re not paying attention.

WP Is there a place you want to visit?

RS Well, Rosalind James has me all hot about going down to New Zealand and hooking up with an extremely studly rugby player. But I’d probably have my guy Ton along and so that would likely get in the way of the whole footy thing. Still, it sounds totally cool. I have kids who went WOOFing there who loved it. But it felt disconnected to me, to have them always in a different day—that seemed worse than a different hemisphere, a different season.

I’d like to see the moon upside down, though. Or other side up, I guess I should say.

WP – What would you consider one of your greatest accomplishments?

RS Speaking at my father’s funeral?

Getting rid of that invasive ivy in my yard?

Giving birth three times without pain medication? (Can’t even really claim that, ’cause I might have caved if there’d been an option, but I was at home, so there wasn’t.)

Showing up at work, the day after I lost a baby (someone else’s)?

What’s a great accomplishment? Here’s what I think it is: doing the best you can, every day. That’s what makes you a hero. Just ask Leet and Sadie and Seffie (and Canaan)’s son Tino. He’s only six, and he knows.

More to come…



Tynie’s Place
Rebecca Skovgaard

When Investigator Cooper Billings carries Sylvia Huston into the emergency room, her blood saturating his hands and his clothes, she becomes his. He doesn’t care that his partner accuses him of thinking with his dick or that her godfather is his boss, the
lieutenant, or that her mother gives him the stink eye when she catches him sleeping next to Sylvia in a hospital bed. Or even that Sylvia vows she’ll never love a cop. Lucky for Coop, Sylvia is an earthy, sensual woman, entirely responsive to his heated touch. Once he has her in his bed, he’s sure he’ll wear her down.

Sylvia does her best to resist Cooper. He’s bossy and always thinks he’s in charge. He’s also extremely determined to have her. Strong, handsome and hot, he’s hard to refuse. Maybe she could be falling for him.

But nothing matters more to Sylvie than Tynie’s Place. She’s a midwife, and her birth center is dedicated to the poorest of women and babies. When it comes under threat by gangs vying for control of the drug trade, Sylvia risks her life to defend it. Cooper can’t save her until she learns to trust in his love. Only then will he have her safe in his arms.

Where to purchase this book:


Barnes & Noble



Rebecca Skovgaard WP author page

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Welcome Author of the Month: Rebecca Skovgaard

Rebecca Skovgaard

20140809 Becky Skovgaard-0622-WEB - 300

Throughout the month of May, we will be showcasing the works of author Rebecca Skovgaard and some questions posed to her. Join us in learning more about this outstanding author.

WP Rebecca, what type of stories do you write?

RS I write love stories, pure and simple. Even in the erotica I write (because I love writing hot sex scenes, too, don’t ask me why), the story is all about men and women falling in love and figuring out how to work out a relationship. I love the sweet energy of it, those first moments of attraction and longing, yearning. And the work of it, too, that push-pull, compromise-or-hold-strong plain hard work of hammering out a life together that benefits every party, that builds something stronger than a person can have on his or her own. That process is sometimes messy, and I like the mess, too.

Get in there—into love. Muck about in it. Get muddy and even bloody. See what rises. What’s better in life? (And, yes, I know Conan’s answer. Remember, he’s a Barbarian. With fair potential as the hero of a romance story, now that I think on it. Imagine the woman to tame him!)

WPWhat made you first want to be a writer? Is there someone who inspired you?

RSI was one of those girls fortunate enough to have a father who made me believe I could accomplish anything I wanted to do. Of course, as I grew up, I learned that isn’t quite true—not everything is under my control. But, as a foundation, it was very vital to me.

And so, when I went to sleep every night not with visions of sugarplums dancing in my head, but tales of intrepid girls accomplishing heroic deeds while looking great and attracting the attention of handsome males, well…of course, I would wake up thinking I could write those stories. It’s what I grew up wanting to do, expecting to do. It’s been a long and windy road, but here I am. Thanks, Dad.

WP – What is your creative process like? Do you prefer quiet or a noisy atmosphere when writing?

RS – I write sitting on my living room couch, with my feet up on a pillow on the coffee table (I say I invented the ottoman coffee table—I just haven’t bought one), surrounded by really a lot of plants and great light and rainbows from the crystals (also a lot) I’ve hung in the windows. (Plus, if you want the color: some nice paintings of cows and farm kids, Aunt Madalyn’s pretty quilted wall-hanging, and a good-sized naked man-statue demonstrating chi meridians—always a conversation-starter.)

When my husband Ton is around the house, I use sound-deadening headphones. Sometimes I use them when he’s sitting next to me, reading. He says, What? I’m breathing too loud? And the answer is, Yes.

So, quiet, I guess I have to say.

If I get stuck I take a walk or work in my gardens (see above, re: a lot. I guess I don’t do things in small measures). That’s true about the walk, though, even if I don’t get stuck—it’s a house rule. But usually I can trust my characters to get me out of a jam. If I just keep writing, they’ll lead the way.

WP –  is your favorite part about being an author?

RS – What’s not to like? I get to sit around playing with these great stories (well, I think they’re great) in my head and, since I’m putting them down (electronically speaking) on paper, I get to feel productive about it. Who could ask for anything more?

WP – Is there any genre you want to try, but haven’t yet?

RS – As a sub-genre thought, I do have a couple historical romances at the bottom of the drawer I might try dusting off soon, but really, I guess I’m a one-trick pony. I can’t imagine writing anything that isn’t, at its base, a love story. I expect my writing to change, my stories to shift some over time. If that doesn’t happen, then I’d have to guess I’m not doing a good job living.

But I love romance. I tell people this all the time—I love that, when reading a romance, I can trust it to have a happy ending. And, when I’m reading for pleasure, I don’t want to have to stress over that.

Bad things happen in life. We all have to figure it out, to learn how to be happy and fulfilled and not make our children crazy anyway. That takes a lot of time and energy, as it should.

Here, though. Take a break. Put one of my books in your hand and your feet up on an ottoman coffee table. Relax and enjoy. It all ends well. No stress.

More to come…

Rebecca Skovgaard WP author page

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Please share and help if you can

Quite a blow hit us at Whimsical Publications.

On April 6th, one of our authors passed away unexpectantly. He was at work and was late getting home, so the family went looking. By the time he was found, it was too late.

Konrad Denton, writing as Tex Leiko, was an outstanding person. He was full of fun, laughter and enjoyed living life to the fullest measure. He adored his young bride and our chief editor, Brieanna Denton (Brieanna Robertson).

 A mere week after his passing, she is having to return to work, her heart completely shattered, because she has bills to pay. She is trying to keep the house they shared. The place where their memories were made until that tragic day. A place where she can feel him with her always.

To assist and in honor of Konrad, WP will donate 100% of all proceeds raised from the sale of his book: Crimson Rain. A blurb and the link to his WP page is below. From there, you can find the book on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Kobo and Scribd. It is available in both e-book and print.

Max, a drug addicted doctor, gets caught up in a world he never
dreamt existed. After a visit from a long forgotten acquaintance,
Crimson, he finds himself wrapped up in a world of mutants,
monsters, cybertech-hackers, musician assassins, revolution and
friendship. His talents are called upon by a rag-tag team of
idealists seeking to reform the government victimizing and
abusing its citizens.

If this type of reading is not to your style, you can help in another way. A Go Fund Me page has been started. Here is the link:

If you can help in any way, even if it is only $5, it would be appreciated. You can remain anonymous or sign your name.

As one author to another, as a reader in support of an author, as a publisher in support of the written word, let’s do out part to help a fellow author, reader and very good friend.

Konrad, you will be sorely missed. Brieanna, we are here for you. Always.


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A Free Kill

Here is a great write-up about an author with Whimsical Publications: Edward Salazar, writing about the tragic loss of his son while in the care of healthcare professionals.


Microsoft Word - ed magazine picture

An Official Publication of the American Association for Respiratory Care

Chronic Disease Manager
What are z-scores and why should you use them? By Gregg L. Ruppel, MEd, RRT, RPFT, FAARC
Ventilation for Life
The use of noninvasive support using HHFNC has benefits that help to overcome the limitations that practitioners may encounter with the use of face mask devices. By Julie Jackson, BAS, RRT-ACCS, RCP
A Senseless Death
Continuous monitoring could have helped save a young man’s life. RT Ed Salazar honors his son’s memory and strives to prevent future loss of life with the help of the Patient Safety Movement. By Debbie Bunch
Summer Forum: Life’s a Beach in Ponte Vedra, FL
The new Summer Forum venue promises fun in the sun. Details of the world-class venue include 40-foot sand dunes, crystal clear waters, miles and miles of fresh water creeks and lagoons, and more.
2016 Summer Forum Program
Join AARC at the beautiful Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa in Ponte Vedra, FL, for our annual Summer Forum. The Summer Forum features concurrent tracks for managers and educators.
Forward this email to a friend.
Nonmembers/Non-subscribers, subscribe here to receive your own AARC Times TOC subscription.

Please click here
if you no longer wish to receive this AARC Times TOC e-newsletter.
Copyright © American Association for Respiratory Care, all rights reserved.

 A Free Kill - new front cover WP

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Leap Year Celebration

2016 is a leap year!

That calls for a celebration!

How are we going to celebrate?

By having a day of fun and giveaways!

When are we going to have it?

Why…on the Leap Year Day: Monday, Feb 29th

Where are we going to celebrate?

On our Twitter page:

Come join in the celebration of leap year on our Twitter page on Feb 29th, starting at 10 am EST.  We will have a scavenger hunt on the Whimsical Publication page, , with free ebooks, gift cards, bling and the release of several new books from authors Melissa Saari, Brieanna Robertson and Russell H. Plante.

We look forward to having you celebrate with us!

Remember, Monday, Feb 29th at 10am on our Twitter page.

Be there or be square!

grinning WP cat

Whimsical Publications

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