Crazy things on the internet

This is the first posting on this blog for Whimsical Publications, ever. Definitely won’t be the last one. Each day of the week will have a different theme.  So what better way to start.

Wednesday’s Random Stuff.

Have you ever gone prowling around the internet? There are some fascinating sites and stories out there. I read about a battle going on for land and cattle, about adoption needs for animals, about conflicting report on how many people Obamacare has helped, and about how a pole dancer made it to the finale of Ukraine’s Got Talent. Too bad there wasn’t a translation button for that one. The back story for the girl looked like it was a good one. All I have to say about her: AMAZING! Hope she won.

Crazy things are posted all the time on the internet. And shown on the television. Some of the new reality shows coming out now… Wow.

Then I thought about a book I wrote because of a news story on the TV, involving the abduction and murder of a teen girl. Innocence Taken is a disturbing book. Graphic. Realistic. Haunting. But I feel it is an excellent book. It tells a message about being aware of your surroundings, and the people in it.

On a more positive note, I also follow an orange tabby cat who was burned pretty badly back in January. He wasn’t expected to live. Thanks to the staff at the animal hospital, he not only survived but is thriving and an internet sensation. Love me some Russell. He is a big inspiration to all.

What inspire you?

More posting about writing, events, book releases, author blog tours and whatever else will occur over time. Simply hit the follow tab to keep up without us and stay informed.

Have a great, productive week!

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