What inspires you?

This video should be an inspiration to everyone watching it. You should never let anyone or anything hold you back from reaching your goals and dreams.

If you want to write, write. Don’t think about what others may think. Get the words down on paper and have fun while doing it. The writing may never become a bestseller, but who cares. As long as you are having fun and achieving a dream, that’s what is important.

The same goes for any dream.

If you want to sing, sing. If you want to jump out of a perfectly good, working plane, do it. If you want to be the best at artwork, at sculpting, at reading to a group of kids, do it.

I’ve always wanted a motorcycle, all the way back to the 80’s, but with a small child to raise, I couldn’t do it. It’s a little hard to bring home enough groceries on the back of a bike.

So I had to wait. I had to dream for the day I could make owning a motorcycle a reality.

Then one day, I had someone tell me he had a bike for sale. It was beautiful. I wanted it bad.

By now my son was 27 and living on his own. I was stoked. I no longer had family obligations in the way. But then I thought about my financial situation. Disappointed, I had to tell the seller I couldn’t buy it at the present time. I had to put my dream on the back burner again. I had to wait.

After a couple of months, the seller approached me again. He had lowered the price and wanted to give me first dibs before offering the bike to others. This time I knew my dream was going to be a reality.  I was finally going to own a motorcycle.

So I bought it.

Not once did I have any regrets. I’d finally achieved my dream of owning a bike after 34 years. I never gave up; I never quit dreaming. And neither should you. Always strive, always dream, and always keep reaching. One day, that dream will become a reality, if you want it bad enough.

All I can say is she is one smooth ride. LOVE this bike!




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