What makes a product popular

Please take a moment to answer this poll. It will be interesting to see the results.

I’ve heard so many different things influence a person into buying a product. In fact, I didn’t realize how many things we couldn’t live without until I watch television or listen to the commercials on the radio.

And the late night (or early morning, depending on your viewpoint) commercial have this kind of promotion to a fine art.

Between a blender than can do everything except wash the dishes, to an exercise program that can help you regain that youthful figure. Botox that will erase those pesky wrinkles, to a cream that will do the same job without surgery. And let’s not forget the need for pearly white teeth via a paste or strips. Let’s not worry about brushing and flossing to keep those teeth first.

Now I’m not one to jump on new products when they first come out. I used a four-cup coffee machine for a long time. I saw the advertisements for a Keurig, but since I’m the only one who drank coffee on a regular basis, and my little machine was so dependable, I thought why spend that kind of money. I also wanted to make sure it wasn’t another fad that would go away when the demand waned, making the machine obsolete.  When my mom came to stay with me for a bit, she bought a Keurig for the house. She drank decaf and I wanted the leaded stuff.

Best move that ever happened. Those refillable cups allow me to enjoy my usual brand of coffee while reducing the amount of waste, and keeping the cost down.

I still use a regular DVD player, have a working VHS player and have a functioning PS One (I do have a PS2, so there is hope for me, lol). I wash my dishes by hand. I drive a truck I’ve had for six years (with less than 90k miles on it) and I live in a house I’ve owned for 20 years. I still have a working iPhone 3 I use as an ipod for my music. I did advance to the iPhone 4 and may consider the iPhone 5 when the new system comes out, not because I want to keep up with the Jones, but because I could use more memory. I use my phone A LOT for business purposes. And the price will be more manageable (I sound like a cheap scape, don’t I. Which I am).

So, what is it that gets you to buy a product, or a book?

Is it the promotion? Is it the author? What?

Oh, and even though I don’t know this person and I saw her blog for the first time today, I think it is excellent.  http://writingformyself.com/

There. Promotion by word of mouth.  🙂


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2 Responses to What makes a product popular

  1. Steve says:

    Interesting. I would really have liked to select two options. It’s the cover that will initially draw me to a book on a shelf, but the blurb that will make me decide to buy or not. I’m sure I’ve missed out on many good books because the cover art wasn’t great.

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