Stand and Believe

stand alone


I believe in being true to yourself.
I believe in love, in all its forms.
I believe in faith.
I believe in God.
I believe in being silly, no matter what your age.
I believe that there is beauty in even the darkest things.
I believe in serendipity.
I believe that hard work DOES pay off.
I believe in friendship, and family, and bonds that defy logic.
I believe in all forms of self expression.
I believe in being kind, and fair, and gentle.
I believe in standing up for yourself.
I believe in “me” time.
I believe in furry friends.
I believe in constant self-growth.
I believe that we are all beautiful, regardless of our scars, our struggles, our pain, our joy, our successes, our failures, our positives, our negatives, our light, or our darkness. I believe in being a unique soul.

What do you believe in? What would you stand up for?


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