Promo Friday: Cli-fi through comedy and action adventure

We couldn’t resist posting this picture as it shows how a complicated topic can be so simple. While Climate Fiction, or Cli-fi, can raise awareness about how our environment is changing, the message can be accomplished through comedy or through action adventure.

Here are two Climate Fiction books available through Whimsical Publications:

The print version is discounted right now on Amazon. Get your copy before the price goes up. 

A comedic romp in the near future where the environmental quagmires of our day have been left to mutate and fester, Grumbles The Novel is a modern skewing of love, politics and power.

It opens in Prêt-a-Porter, a swampy backwater of upstate New York when our heroine Pettie Grumbles is re-instated to the Special Services unit of the Post Office. With evil doers and potato pirates a foot, Pettie is given the mission to boldly go where no Grumbles has gone before and return to Canada. There, she must defeat the dreaded Weatherman who, with his Weather or Not TV, and perpetual green screen, has done what no man has done before and fulfilled an election promise to keep the world seventy-two and sunny.

Complicating matters is the fact that the man who has stolen our heroine’s heart, Hector, just happens to have a twin brother who’s always in the limelight and needing his help. Do the two of them control the world together? Pettie isn’t sure. When she discovers that there hasn’t been full disclosure and a previously unknown (egad!) third twin sails into the picture, all bets are off if she and Hector can weather this storm.

 Get your copy of 12 from Amazon or from Whimsical Publications

It is December 2012 and the world is on edge about the foretold end of humankind. 12 follows multiple characters through the Mayan prediction of the end of the world. While battling for their lives, these individuals come up against natural disasters of every kind. Go on a thrill ride with Peyton, a teenaged babysitter who suddenly finds herself protecting her charge amidst devastating tornadoes. Join college student Lily Singh while she struggles to survive earthquakes in a foreign country. Follow scientist Kyle Phelps as he discovers the local volcano is about to erupt and there is nothing he can do but try to outrun it. There’s even the tale of an entire nation sinking to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, taking along its inhabitants and possibly the American news crew sent to broadcast the events. Will humanity be able to persevere as it always has? Or will they slip silently into the night, returning earth to its original owner, Mother Nature?

Have fun reading, and Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday to all the moms out there!


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4 Responses to Promo Friday: Cli-fi through comedy and action adventure

  1. Paul Collins says:

    Hi, really good article. You might be interested to hear about a Cli-fi Facebook Group I’ve set up. It would b great to see you there!/groups/320538704765997/

  2. paul1959 says:

    Hmmmmmm “Climate-Fiction” isn’t what I’d have thought of as a “typical” genre description … 🙂
    However, (and I’m cheating a bit, ‘cos it’s really Saturday as I write, but what I have to add actually HAPPENED yesterday, which makes it Friday somewhere in the world!)
    Got an email from that rare bird, an AGENT!!! who wants to see the full MS of my novel “Taking the Heat” which has a theme of Global Warming and how we’re destroying our planet … and it was less than a week ago I sent him the Synopsis / 3 Chapters for assessment! Watch this space!!!

  3. Paul Collins says:

    Congratulations Paul! Share your good news on the Facebook group page. Paul

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