30 Day Challenge

A great thing to try!
Article by Travis Barton

If there’s ever something new that you’ve wanted to learn, or a new habit that you’ve thought would enrich your life but have been hesitant to try, just know this… It takes 30 days to go from unbearable to unstoppable.
I challenge myself all the time to these sorts of personal 30 day challenges. The rules are very simple…

1) Think of a new skill or habit you’ve always wanted to have.

2) Practice this new thing for at least 30 minutes a day.

3) Practice this thing for 30 days.

Some of you may want to start jogging every morning. Some may want to finally start learning piano, and others might want to quit drinking soda once and for all. During my past 30 day challenges, I have; learned to play the didgeridoo, began learning Spanish and became decently conversational in that time, quit drinking tons of caffeine, learned how to lucid dream, and tons more life- fulfilling things.
Most people try new things and quit after a week or two because it either gets too difficult or they get tired. The idea here is that you are committing to doing this thing every day for at least 30 days. And with this commitment, you will find time in your day to practice it even though you may think you have no time. You have to power through things when they get hard. And it will get hard sometimes in your 30 day journey, but at the end of your challenge, you will have a new skill or habit and you will feel accomplished! Best of all… it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

What have you always wanted to try? What skill have you always wanted to have? What will you commit to doing every day for a month? What is your 30 day challenge?

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