Make Your Life Better- Your Way

So, I realize that most of the so-called “motivational” things we read about are all about”making your life better.” But you know what irritates me? The fact that we turn to the mass populace to tell us what “makes our life better.” You know what most of the mass populace tells us? Starve yourself, have a thigh gap, wear 16 tons of makeup to the point that you don’t look like yourself anymore, be wealthy, get a good education from a good college, have a “prestigious” job (in other words a job you sell your soul to),marry someone with an equally as prestigious job, have 2.5 kids, a white picket fence blah blah blah and give me a side of gag.

Ok, now, if this is actually what makes you happy in your life, or if this IS your life, that is freaking awesome. Kudos to you and I wish you every bit of happiness in the world, because you have accomplished what you want most.

But the thing is, not everyone on the planet fits into that one tiny little box. We are not categorized in the way that we are human=this life. It’s stupid and ignorant to buy into that.

What if what makes one guy happy is traveling in a VW bus like a gypsy? How many people spend their lives whining about wanting to travel, or planning to travel when they retire? Well, this person said screw it, I’m doing it now. Why judge them? Is it jealousy because they have the guts to do what you are putting off?

Or what if someone has an extreme passion and talent for food and opens a restaurant? They would be classified as “successful” by “normal” standards, but then as soon as people see that this person is overweight, they pass judgment. You eat the food they create, but the person is not good enough? Just because of their physical appearance? You had no problem nomming down 900 calories that THEY created, yet somehow, you’re better than them?

Before this starts to sound like a rant and an attack, let me assure you, that is not my agenda here. The point is, everyone is different. We are not supposed to all live life like sheep. Everyone is beautiful. We all have our own body type, our own genetic makeup, our own passions, loves, talents, desires, and attributes. We should not look to what is “popular” to determine how to live our lives.

If you wanna drink that extra glass of wine, even though it would be 100 extra calories in your diet, but you’re out to dinner with a friend and you are enjoying yourself, screw it! If you have only $100 extra to your name, yet you know you can make a trip to see a long-lost friend on that money and still be able to pay your bills next month, do it. If you meet a guy (or girl) who fascinates you, and you stay out all night talking with them to the point that you have to call in to work unexpectedly, you know what? Being irresponsible is okay sometimes. Life is short. We do not have an infinite amount of days in our existence. Why should we spend it worrying about every bite we eat, every penny we spend, every choice we make that isn’t what everyone else deems “proper?”

Do what you love. Eat what you like. Go where you want. Love who you choose. Be wise, but be you. So much of what we read and hear is “don’t settle for anything but the best.” I say, “don’t settle for anything less than YOUR best.” It is up to us, no one else, to make our lives as happy as we can. YOU make the choices. Make sure that they matter.

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