Have the Best Summer Ever

Have the Best Summer Ever
A article by Travis Barton

Summer is the season of absolute freedom. We all remember the sheer joy we felt on the last day of school every year with three whole sun- soaked months to live fully without any responsibility ahead of us. Every day in a great summer vacation was cherished.

Growing older, it’s easy to lose sight of how magical the summer season can be. We have responsibilities now, things that need to get done, bills to pay. Most of us haven’t had a great summer vacation worthy of fantastic stories since we were kids. How is it possible to possibly put that magic back in the season? How can we learn to cherish our summer months just like if back to school was looming right around the corner again? Follow these seven steps, and you’ll be well on your way to recapturing that youthful, summertime magic.

1) Spend more time outside. Take your lunch break on the patio at work; go on more walks in the morning and in the evening, and read some classic novels in your lawn chair.

2) Take a trip. Remember, you don’t need a passport to travel to memorable places. Sometimes a drive to the next town over can be enough. Make sure and stay a night or two— (camping is always the best option).

3) Think of a summer memory from your childhood when your were the happiest. Water fight? Wiffle ball in the back yard? Sleepover at a friend’s and watching scary movies all night? How can you take steps into reliving that moment?

4) Learn something new. Spend the three summer months taking up that thing you’ve always wanted to learn. Have you always wanted to play guitar by the bonfire? Maybe you want to learn how to smoothly ask that girl out in French?

5) Say yes more. The more you want to say no to something, the more you should absolutely say yes. This is how all of our best memories are made. And remember, we grow the most out of our comfort zones.

6) Throw a BBQ or a bonfire. Invite your friends over, light up that grill or the fire pit on the beach, and play your favorite Summertime anthems.

7) Invest in your relationship. Surprise your partner with a picnic on the shore. Be adventurous together. Roses after work for no reason is also always a winner!

Recapture that old zest for life. Make plans to do all of these things, and this Summer will be one you will remember forever!


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