Because a grandma needs to be there.


How many times do you log on the computer or turn on the TV, only to see messages asking for donations? How many times do you wonder about the spokesperson who is doing the asking, and whether they are helping or just looking to air time? That may sound cruel, but if we are honest with ourselves, we admit to thinking this way with some.

Now, the above posted link is a child who has cancer. I know her and her family. I know how hard it has been on the family, including the grandma. I worked with the mom who has had to take time off to stay with her daughter when she was really sick. So this is not one of those times for me.

The Make a Wish foundation has granted Gracie’s wish for a Disney cruise. “They just stopped by to tell her she is approved for a five day Disney cruise. Limo and pre-party included.” Only down side, they did not approve her grandmother to go.

From April, Gracie’s mom:

“Help Grace Carlin’s “Make a Wish” come true. Please help grandma, Miss Sheryl Cummings Milner, accompany us on Gracie’s dream cruise. Sheryl is more than a wonderful mother and grandmother… she is a great friend who extends a hand to anyone who needs it. Sheryl puts her own needs aside to take Grace to her cancer treatments whenever mommy is not available. Let’s put a smile on Gracie’s face and give Sheryl the relaxing vacation she deserves. Thank you so much! Much love and respect, April and Dean”

She has been there for Gracie through thick and thin. She needs to go and experience a positive thing in Gracie’s life, not just all the bad caused by cancer, chemo and a cruel twist of faith.

Gracie has come a long way. She still has a long way to go. Let’s make the joy of celebrating with Mickey that much better by helping her grandma go on the cruise with her. If you can, click on the link and help out. With all the negative things being shared across the internet, let’s share something positive for a change.

Gracie is the girl on the right.

Thanks so much!

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