Skunk Fun

Here is a post from my Whimsical published book The Road Less Traveled. This particular scene was something that actually happened to me when I was camping with my family in the Redwoods.

“Do you hear something?” Alyx whispered with a frown.
“Dude, I thought I was going crazy,” Javan replied, rolling
Maxim rolled back over also. He’d heard it too. It was a
faint rustling, like something snooping. “Did you pick up the
trash?” he asked. He remembered when he had been backpacking
with Jeff. They’d had to string their trash and food
up in a tree so that bears wouldn’t get into it. Maxim had no
idea if there were bears in the redwoods, but he was pretty
sure there were other animals that liked food just as much.
Javan groaned.
Alyx sighed. “Of course he didn’t. He was too busy peeing
on the fire.”
Maxim chuckled.
“Do you think it’s a bear?” Alyx asked, voicing Maxim’s
“If it is, I’ll take him barehanded,” Javan said dramatically,
sitting up. He frowned and blinked at his own words,
then chuckled. “No pun intended.”
Maxim rolled his eyes.
Javan crawled across Maxim and Alyx and unzipped the
tent. He poked his head out and looked around, scanning the
area. “Oh, it’s just a skunk,” he said, climbing out. “I’ll get rid
of it.”
“Javan,” Alyx warned, “do you remember Lassen? It took
me weeks to get my sleeping bag stench free. If you get
sprayed, there is no way you’re getting near me. Maxim and
I will just go see Bleeding Passion without you.”
“Chill out,” Javan said. “I’ll be fine.” He looked at the
skunk, who didn’t seem the slightest bit perturbed that Javan
was even there. He unlocked the trunk of the car, opened
the ice chest and searched through it until he found something
he obviously thought would make a good weapon.
“This’ll do,” he stated. He tore the package open and hurled
a hot dog at the skunk. “Get outta here!” he shouted.
Alyx’s eyes bulged and she jumped out. “Javan, you idiot!”
she cried. “Don’t throw food at it!”
Javan stopped and blinked at her.
She shook her head and decided to take matters into her
own hands. She started clapping and stamping her feet, but
the skunk only gave her a bemused expression and continued
about its business. Javan grabbed a wayward stick of
bamboo and brandished it like a sword, thrusting it in the
skunk’s direction.
Maxim couldn’t help but chuckle. Watching a six foot
something man and a grown woman try to chase away
something that was the size of Javan’s foot was rather amusing.
“Javan,” he laughed, “poking at it may not be a great
Javan glanced back at Maxim. “Oh, look who’s talking
now!” he exclaimed.
Maxim raised an eyebrow.
“You’re just sitting there keeping the tent warm!”
Maxim nodded. “Yeah. I have no intention of joining
ranks and becoming the third stooge, thank you very much.”
Alyx looked at him and put her hands on her hips. “Hey!
What’s that supposed to mean?”
Maxim chuckled.
“Here skunky skunky skunky,” Javan began calling. “Be a
good skunk and go away.”
Maxim laughed again. “Javan! You just called it to you
one second, then told it to go away in the next! You’re going
to confuse it to death!” Suddenly, he was blasted by a story
idea and his eyes widened. It was as if a lightning bolt had
hit him right between the eyes. His notebook was in the back
seat of the car. He needed to write it down before he forgot.
He threw the covers back and jumped up, barreling out of
the tent.
He suddenly found himself face down in the dirt.
Stunned, he rolled over and saw what had halted his progress.
The tent door hadn’t been unzipped all the way and
his foot had gotten caught on it. He looked up at Alyx and
Javan, who were both staring at him, and he started to
“What was that about not being the third stooge?” Alyx
He laughed harder.
The skunk made some sort of groaning noise and began
to mosey away, disappearing into the nearby bamboo.
“Hey, Maxim!” Javan shouted. “You made the skunk
Maxim was laughing so hard that his stomach hurt, and
he found it to be a genuinely good feeling.
Alyx giggled. “What were you doing anyway?”
“I had an idea for a book,” he stated. “It’s gone now.” He
started to laugh again and the others joined him. Javan put
up the garbage, and everyone piled back into the tent. Maxim
was more relaxed than he had been before and he lay
down, thinking about Javan, Alyx and the skunk. That had
seriously been one of the most comical things he had ever
seen. That would be great writing material. He yawned and
closed his eyes, falling asleep quickly. It had been a long day.

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