Carpe Diem- Celebrate Life

We only get one life, right? How many of us spend that life making every day, every second count? What is on your bucket list? And what would you do if you knew your time on this earth was cut short?

I, for one, would celebrate it.

And that’s just what we are going to do for our dear fellow author, Delores (Sissy) Nelsen, who passed away before she could see the release of her latest book, Schrader’s Girls.

I had the privilege of being Delores’ editor for her series. Her books always pulled me in, even though I don’t like mysteries, and she was always a joy and a breeze to work with. I never would have guessed that Delores was in her eighties, and I honestly didn’t even know until my boss informed me of what had happened.

To know that that woman was of such sound mind even at such an old age that she could both write mystery stories and deal with the edits given back to her is amazing and inspiring to me. I, for one, will surely miss editing her masterpieces.

Help me and the Whimsical Publications family celebrate Delores (Sissy) Nelsen’s life and achievements on Saturday July 5 from 10-12 EST on the Whimsical Facebook page

If you knew Delores, share stories and experiences. If you didn’t, share how YOU celeb rate life. Life is a precious and fleeting thing, and we all leave our mark. Share with us how you would leave yours.

-Brieanna Robertson

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