A great review for Grumbles the Novel by Karen Faris


Fiction-SF/New Adult
Whimsical Publications, LLC/
paperback, 142 pages
Nov 2013

ISBN-13: 978-1-936167-91-3


There’s a reason that authors like Douglas Adams and Jasper Fforde are popular. They take what we know, imbue it with absurdity, inject some wisdom and by the time we stop laughing we are given a new understanding of the depth of some really meaningful subject that we may not have thought about in a serious way before the day. A connection is made and a message is sent and all through the thoroughly clever means of satire. These stories act as a reminder not only that taking ourselves seriously is the root of all-evil and not taking things like climate change seriously could destroy us.

These are authors you either don’t care for or you hold in your heart and Karen Faris is an author that I will hold in my heart. Grumbles – Book One: Take a Pill is not a perfect read. It’s more Fforde than Douglas in structure in a modern day setting that stays earthbound and takes us to a quite unique place. Faris takes us to a near future written in euphemism. Hector works at the “Cop Shop” and does “Cop Shop Missions” in the Corporate Woods. The world is an odd mish-mash of bad taste and convenient living through fear of reprisal. The Weatherman rules all and even controls time and is living up to his campaign promises and keeping the world 72 and sunny. He’s gone to Canada to escape meteorological insurgents. Meteorological insurgents, legally licensed pirates and politicians who tell you that they steal from you so you can credit them with honesty is what the world has become.

To read the rest of this wonderful review, click here: http://www.rabidreaders.com/2014/07/18/grumbles-book-one-take-pill-karen-faris/

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