Having One Another’s Backs

So, it came to me tonight that when people say they have your back, it generally means they will defend your honor, back you up in a fight, and stand by you no matter what. That’s a mark of true friendship, right?

But what about the times when your friend (mate, family member, anyone this applies to) doesn’t clue you in on when they are depressed or down, or maybe doesn’t even realize that they are? THAT is when having someone’s back matters the most.

You see, having someone’s back means you pay attention. You pay attention enough that the person in question doesn’t even have to say anything for you to know they need encouragement. It doesn’t have to be some elaborate display. It can be something quiet, something subtle, something as simple as a random hug and a murmured, “I appreciate you.” It can be a text or a phone call saying, “I was thinking of you,” or, “I thought of you when I saw this. Remember when…?”

We as people thrive on our relationships with others. We long to feel like we matter. So, we need to make sure we let the people in our lives that matter know they DO matter. We need to have their backs. Sure, it’s great when your best bro punches some douchebag out who was giving you grief in a bar fight, but what means more? That, or when you are at your lowest, and a friend sends you a random text that is just encouraging to you in some way? Encouraging in a way that you know THAT person was really paying attention?

Small things matter. Make sure you let those who are close to you know how much they mean to you, and tell them often. People are good at smiling in the face of adversity. You may help someone you never even knew needed it.

-Brieanna Robertson

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