Author Spotlight: Danielle Thorne

Whimsical author Danielle Thorne is in the spotlight! Her book Josette has received many wonderful reviews!

We got together with her to find out a little more about herself and her writing.


WP: If you could live in any time period, which would you choose and why?

D: I’m happy and blessed to live in this time period now. Although I romanticize about the Regency period, I know that most people were not affluent or educated, and life was really hard!

WP: What makes a story “good” to you? What are pet peeves that make it not so good?

D: I love stories with surprise twists that I never seen coming. For me, the worst story is one that doesn’t have a happy ending. I feel like I cheered the heroes on for nothing. To this day, I cannot read Gone With the Wind over. It makes me so angry. Ha ha!

WP: What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?

D: That would have to be the time I found my mother’s birth family forty years after she was adopted. I dappled in genealogy and wrote a few letters, and one day I got the phone call. It was one of her birth sisters who only lived an hour away from me. It changed our lives.

WP:  What animal do you identify with the most?

D: I love sea turtles. They are beautiful survivors that symbolize endurance and gentleness. They have a certain grace about them and wisdom in their eyes.

WP: What are some pros and cons of being a writer?

D: The biggest pro about being a writer is the creative process. It can be an outlet and an escape. It’s really no different than any other art form. Being able to express ourselves is empowering.

The cons would definitely have to be the time it takes and the small return. I have spent years writing novels and must freelance for now to make ends meet. That’s just the price of authorship.

WP: What are you passionate about?

D: I’m passionate about my family and faith. Although I love romance and adventure, it takes a backseat to my family’s happiness and success. I also know that keeping God and the right principles first in our lives brings peace in a crazy world.

WP: Describe the best date you’ve ever been on. (Or the worst!)

D: One of the first dates my husband took me on was to visit some sand dunes a few miles off campus from our Idaho junior college. He brought a little grill and flashlights, and we sat out on a beautiful clear night and talked about everything.

WP:  What job would you have if you weren’t a writer?

D: I would love to be a forensic scientist or work with marine life. Biology has always been one of my top interests.

WP: What are some things on your bucket list?

D: I have this crazy wish to take fencing lessons and learn how to swordfight. I’d love to get into horseback riding, too.

WP: What is your creative process like?

D: Most of my stories come to me as daydreams that grow bigger and bigger until I have to jot them down. When the characters come, along with their names and personalities, I know I have something worth working on.

WP:  What is your favorite movie of all time? Book?

D: My favorite movie of all time is Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly. It may sound cliché, but I just love that film, and I love her interpretation of Lizzie Bennett. On the other hand, my favorite book is Post Captain by Patrick O’Brian in the Master and Commander series. That book made me fall in love with Captain Aubrey and the age of sail. It paved the way for my interest in pirates and buccaneers.

WP: Describe a perfect day for you.

D: I am happiest when I am at the beach. A perfect day for me would be a warm day on the beach reading a book, watching the horizon, eating some good food, and then maybe doing some snorkeling or scuba.

Thank you, Danielle, for taking the time to talk with us today.

If you haven’t already, check Josette out for yourself!


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One Response to Author Spotlight: Danielle Thorne

  1. Author says:

    Great interview. Learned some new things about you and I love that you reconnected with your mom’s birth family. That’s awesome. Jillian

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