Vote for Josette and Danielle Thorne!


Josette, a Historical Regency, has many rave reviews. Here are just a few:

“You will find sadness, humor, happiness and the list goes on. I highly recommend Josette and I believe once you’ve started reading it, you will not want to put it down.”

“The author does a lovely job of building sexual awareness and yet keeping the story on a completely sweet heat level. The writing is descriptive and flows well. The author evokes a range of emotions from sadness, mirth, despondency, and joy. The entire package is an easy, charming read. A great choice especially for historic romance fans.”

“Georgetet Heyer and Jane Austing fans, this is definitely a must read book! The fact that it comes so close to Regency perfection ends up trumping even those nay-saying voices in my head :D”

Now it’s up for the Red Carpet Book Award – Best Book of the Year. Let’s show our support for Josette and help it climb to a win. Click on the link provided to vote; her book is the fifth row down, second from the right. Good luck, Danielle Thorne! I really enjoyed reading your book!

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