A great interview with author Frank Sullivan.

It is exciting to have author Frank Sullivan here with us today to chat about his new release, Deadly Shore.

Deadly Shore front cover

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frank pic     Thanks for having me, Mousey. I’m doing fine with the time.

     It’s exciting having you here to chat with us about your new release Deadly Shore. It’s a great book, I must say. Can you tell our readers more about it?

frank pic    Deadly Shore is a thriller set in South Florida, where I lived and worked for a time. The story revolves around a young Irishman, Conor Rogan, who arrives in Miami to captain a charter yacht for a wealthy businessman. Once there, he soon attracts the attention of his new employer’s beautiful wife, and his shy but equally seductive stepdaughter. Things take a dark turn however, when Conor is framed for the killing of a local Cuban crime lord on a voyage to the Bahamas. He suddenly finds himself on the run from both the Miami Police who want him for murder, and the Cuban’s two vicious sons who seek revenge for their father’s death.

A stranger in a foreign land, Conor endures torture and violence as he races against time to clear his name. Left with no other choice, he must turn to the only two people who believe him: a beautiful young Cuban woman he has just begun a relationship with, and his brother-in-law, a violent ex-IRA man living in South Florida.

With the clock ticking, Conor’s journey leads him from the exotic Bahamas to the streets of Miami and Fort Lauderdale and then out into the unforgiving Florida Everglades before finally reaching its violent and bloody conclusion.

     Very exciting for sure. Frank, what made you first want to be a writer?

frank pic     I think it’s just something I’ve always enjoyed doing, since childhood. I have always had a vivid imagination (got me into trouble a few times as a child) but I am also fairly artistic, having worked as a graphic designer since I left school. I’ve also sold a few oil paintings over the years, as well as many cartoons and illustrations. So I suppose it is probably all part of the same artistic process. Whether it’s creating graphics or illustrations, cartoons or stories…it’s what I do.

    I understand about cartoons, lol. Why do you choose the genres you do?

frank pic    In a nutshell, I suppose I write thrillers because that is what I like to read. A few years back though, when I first started writing, I did try my hand at a couple of historical novels. They were very ambitious projects. One was set in ancient Viking Ireland and the other during the 1798 Irish uprising against the British. In the end though, although I really enjoyed working on them (I lost track of how many hours I spent doing research in the local Library) I found myself getting bogged down in every minute detail and historical fact. So, when it got to the point where I began concentrating more on the facts than the story and characters, almost getting crushed beneath mountains of research books, papers and notes, I decided to throw in the towel and stick to what I know. So that’s what I do now. And I have to say, I find I much prefer working in the present, and really enjoy setting my stories in places and against backdrops that I am more familiar with.

     I do have to agree with liking the present time rather than the past. I like reading it but I don’t want to live there. I’m sure it’s pretty rough for a mouse. While we are talking about genre, is there any genre you want to try, but haven’t yet?

frank pic    I really don’t have any other genre in mind. I suppose I would have to say that since I really like what I’m doing I am going to stick to it.

    You do a fine job writing it, Frank. Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, what kicks the brain into gear?

frank pic    Don’t even say the words…I am never ever bad tempered or cranky, but once I get the dreaded writer’s block I go all moody. I find the best way to get going again is to take a break, even if it’s for a week or two. Usually though, after a few days wandering around like a lost soul, I see something or read something that inspires me and gets me going again.

     I’m so glad because I would have hated to see Deadly Shore not completed. Who is your favorite character you have created?

frank pic    In Deadly Shore, it has got to be Danny McNamara, Conor Rogan’s ex-IRA friend. He is not the most intelligent man in the world, and is often prone to violent behavior, but he has got a kind of pure, simplistic outlook on life that I like. If you are his friend he will do anything for you (as Conor finds out), but if you are not…watch out!

     Danny sounds like a person to avoid if you mess with him in a wrong way. Thanks for warning us. Since you live in Ireland, a place I really want to visit, is there a favorite place you have ever traveled?

frank pic    That’s a hard one. I’ve been to lots of fabulous places, but would have to say that I love the Mediterranean, especially the Spanish island of Majorca. I don’t know why, but every time I go there I just feel relaxed and at home.

     Ah, another wonderful place I’d like to visit. Have you ever had something really embarrassing happen to you?

frank pic    About ten years ago I offered my seat on a bus to a pregnant woman and then asked her when the baby was due. You can imagine my shock when she angrily declared that she was not pregnant. I thought the bus would never stop so I could get off. It really happened. I’m not making it up.

     Oh my goodness that can be a bad situation. I bet you went all different shades of beet red. Speaking of beets, what kind of food do you like? Is there something you would never eat?

frank pic    I don’t think I have a very cultured palate, but would really not have it any other way. I eat everything and anything that is put in front of me. That goes for drink too!

     lol! A good beverage can make the meal. But, alas, we have strayed off topic again. Frank, what is your favorite part about being a writer? What do you hope readers will take away from your stories?

frank pic    When someone reads something I have written and says they enjoyed it or get into a discussion about it. That makes it all worthwhile. I really don’t want anything more than to entertain my readers for a few hours. If they happen to learn a few interesting facts along the way, then so much the better.

     So true! What would you consider one of your greatest accomplishments.

frank pic    My kids. They are amazing and I’m proud of them all. Even though they sometimes drive me crazy…

     Being a bachelor, I don’t have any kids. Unless you consider a cat a kid. Yes, I know. It’s odd for a mouse to have a cat. Love the little bugger, though. If you could offer any piece of advice, Frank, what would it be?

frank pic    I’m not really the type of person who offers advice, unless it is to warn someone who might be about to do something dangerous. But if I had to offer advice where writing is concerned, I think would just say, write about things you know and enjoy the process.

     Great advice, for both thoughts. I want to thank you for chatting with us, Frank. Where can we find you on the web?

frank pic    You can find me at www.franksullivanbooks.wordpress.com or www.facebook.com/franksullivanbooks

     If you are interested in learning…

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To learn more about Deadly Shore by Frank Sullivan, Click on
the link provided below:

Deadly Shore front cover


Have a great Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. Enjoy your weekend and read a book while you’re at it!

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