Celebrate with us during our Expansion Party!

We are giving away all kinds of stuff over at our Facebook page during our Expansion Party! Come join us! 

If you have a manuscript tucked away in a corner, dust it off and send it in. We are open for submissions.

What better way to bring in spring that with free stuff!


four-leaf-clover cat

Whimsical Publications



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2 Responses to Celebrate with us during our Expansion Party!

  1. paul1959 says:

    UK contingent checking in! 🙂
    Done my shopping for the week [Boooooooooo – oooooooring!] so I’ll be Online the rest of the day (at least until 21;00 EST,which will be 02:00 “Over Here” where we INVENTED International Time Zones!)

  2. One day soon I want to come over and see about that time change, Paul. Plus I want to see the chapel that inspired your book, Chapel of Her Dreams.

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