What draws you in?

As I sit here working on a picture book about dogs for kids to enjoy, I have the TV on for background noise. When I get tired of hearing about black holes and the universe, I turn to a channel where a movie I love is on: A Walk to Remember with Shane West and Mandy Moore. It gets me to thinking.

What is it that draws a person to a movie, a book, a product, or whatever?

I know the obvious answer in this case is the story line. It pulls at the heart strings because of the controversy, love and loss between the two main characters.

But what about other things?

The commercials in between work hard to get you interested in purchasing their products. They involve a cartoon with a helmet, half-naked women, before and after pictures to get you to see how good a product can make you look, how a guy can fall in love with a potato chip, cereal being sneaky cannibals to a piece of chocolate (which I think is kinda creepy).

But does that really draw you in?

With so many books being published, either self or traditional,  how does one stand out to grab your attention?

Does a random posting about a book bring you to want to read it?

“A comedic romp where the environmental quagmires of our day have been left to mutate and fester, Grumbles the Novel is a modern skewing of love, politics and power. With evil doers and potato pirates a foot, Pettie is given the mission to boldly go where no Grumbles has gone before and return to Canada, where she must defeat the dreaded Weatherman before he deploys his secret weapon.”  –Grumbles the Novel by Karen Faris  http://www.whimsicalpublications.com/Karen_Faris/Grumbles_the_Novel.html

Is it the cover art?


Is it the author? Their credentials? Their name?

Do awards draw you in? A contest?

Or is it more word of mouth?

Do repeated posts of the same product make you want to see what it is all about? Or does it cause you to roll your eyes and think, If I see that one more time… Does it desensitize you to future postings? Or cause you to think Oh yeah! I forgot to check that out. Great reminder!

Now that I’ve posted some questions to get you thinking and hopefully responding, back to working on that book I mentioned, Dino & Lily by Athina Simon.

Like how I did that?


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