Sci-fi/Fantasy Friday

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go into space? I have. I watched Star Trek all the time on the TV, the original series mind you, not the newer stuff. Yes, I am that old. There was just something cool about going off to seek out new worlds and new races.

I used to watch another show called Space 1999 with Martin Landau. It too was an older series and continued to grow my imagination as to what was out there.

Then I started reading fantasy books about creatures like dragons, people who could use their minds in fascinating ways, and druids.  Anne McCaffrey, Todd McCaffrey, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton, Terry Brooks, and so many more were my authors of choice.

Thanks to those authors, and my son, I wrote my first book. It dealt with what could happen when a virus was created then accidently released on the population of the planet. It doesn’t really take place in space but it is set in the future.

That led to the beginning of Whimsical Publications, and to the beginning of new authors to bring to the readers, like myself.

Here are a few of the books available from WP:


The Spy Who Fanged Me by Donna Michaels; Comedy/Romance

What’s the world to do when gold starts disappearing and the agents assigned to the case are turned into life-size lawn ornaments?

Send in Double O Fang Agent Pierce De Vein, and Shifter Intelligence Agent (SIA) Kitty Katt to investigate. Unhappy with their forced alliance, each loner must learn to work with a partner and stop trying to outdo one another long enough to solve the case. When the evidence points to an evil gnome and his army of rogue leprechauns, the agents infiltrate the organization in the forms of a bat and a cat.

Will their plan work, or will they end up sleeping with the daisies as a pair of garden decorations?



Angels Keep Watch by Randy Gonzalez; Sci-Fi/Spy Romantic Mystery

Let yourself take on a sexy adventurous read, walk on the sensual dark side of human adventure through the shadows of your mind. And, challenge your senses of the normal versus the paranormal, and the abnormal. Accept the quest, get onboard and discover Angels Keep Watch – The Transformation Begins.

Angels Keep Watch – The Transformation Begins is the first in the serial adventures of Dr. Sterling Striffe’s, spy, adventurer and mercenary. To save the world and protect America, it is a tale of a heroic quest in the confrontation between ‘good versus evil’, within the realm of a ‘Spy-Fi’ fantasy. A daring flirtation with the dark side of human nature, in an opportunistic world of deception, Striffe’s adventure chases shadowy demonic specters of human motives. For the characters, reality merges with the wickedness in the shadows of hidden desires, by which seduction entices the challenges in the ‘strife of life’.



The Thorndike Legacy by Gabriel Madison; Young Adult/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Eydís Thorndike carries two secrets with her: the first, she can see glimpses into the future and read people’s thoughts, and the second secret is so horrible it could destroy what’s left of the human race—a sub-fleet has been created to kill the people left behind in the Old World.

In the year 2086, seventeen-year-old High Princess Eydís Elísabet Thorndike finds herself graduating from the Rangers Academy, despite the controversy. Royalty usually joins one of the other fleets. It’s unheard of to have a high princess become a ranger.

Eydís feels a responsibility to the people left behind, because she knows Survivors are in more danger now than ever before, and because her mother, the High Queen, is one of the people behind the secret sub-fleet. Eydís will place the love of her mother in jeopardy, as she does all she can to protect the Survivors.



Grumbles the Novel by Karen Faris; SF/New Adult/Science
Fiction/Cli-fi/Environmental Fiction

A comedic romp in the near future where the environmental quagmires of our day have been left to mutate and fester, Grumbles: The Novel is a modern skewing of love, politics and power.

It opens in Prêt-a-Porter, a swampy backwater of upstate New York, when our heroine Pettie Grumbles is re-instated to the Special Services unit of the Post Office. With evil doers and potato pirates a foot, Pettie is given the mission to boldly go where no Grumbles has gone before and return to Canada. There, she must defeat the dreaded Weatherman who, with his Weather or Not TV and perpetual green screen, has done what no man has done before and fulfilled an election promise to keep the world seventy-two and sunny. Complicating matters is the fact that the man who has stolen our heroine’s heart, Hector, just happens to have a twin brother who’s always in the limelight and needing his help.

In a race against time to save the world, Pettie and her young charge Toga set off for Montreal to take down The Weatherman and free Toga’s friends. But just as they make the rendezvous, desperate for further instructions, they run a foul of The Border Patrol and are forced to take an icy dip in the St. Lawrence River. While Pettie is rescued and entertained by the worldly Captain Dragwood, who keeps reminding her of her man Hector and his mysterious disappearances, Toga has a different shipboard experience altogether, one that leads to trouble down the line.

As Pettie and Toga travel closer to The Weatherman and his much anticipated festival of Spudapoolza, the giving of the fries to the people, their loyalty is tested. Saboteurs seem to be everywhere from the stinging consequences of doing business with the trollman to the skin deep identity of Pettie’s one time best friend.

As daylight breaks and pirates invade Montreal’s port, Pettie and Toga hurry up Mont-Royal and infiltrate The Weatherman’s glorious, grease redolent pageant to himself, the festival of Spudapalooza.

Will Pettie and Toga be able to find Toga’s kidnapped friends and free them? Can they stop The Weatherman from deploying his secret weapon meant to ensure world domination? Will Pettie reset the cycle of nature and make it snow? And finally, will Pettie and Hector sail off into the sunset? Telmemydoom might know, but, predictably, no one wants to ask her.


We have lots more to chose from. Click on the link to see what is available from Whimsical Publications. On a side note, I still have those pesky tears run down my face when watching the Last Samuri. I know it’s not a fantasy or sci-fi…but what the heck. I decided to toss it in this posting anyway.

Happy reading and writing, everyone.


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