Halloween isn’t just for candy…

I’ve been reading a lot of postings on Facebook, and what I see are all pictures of interesting costumes. Zombies, Minnie Mouse, Grumpy Cat as a Star Wars character, three blind mice, Jake from All State and two characters from the Wizard of Oz…the good witch and the bad.

But does a witch have to be bad?

Do kids only need candy for Halloween?

Or can they have a book?

In addition to the candy.  🙂

A children’s book titled Mayia the Witch has been released by Whimsical Publications.

She is quite a messy little thing.


“Mayia really does not know how to be polite!” she heard one say.

The others avoided her or got out of her way.

The little witch worried not at all what the others thought.

She liked to be dirty and she liked her hair to be in one big knot.

Still, believe it or not, she had some who liked her.

One of her friends was Mr. Purr.


She rides a broom instead of using it to clean.

In typical witch fashion.

That is until…

If you want to give your kids a great alternative (or addition) to trick or treating, Mayia the Witch will leave you and your family smiling, and without a huge sugar high.  lol

Go to http://athinasimontales.com to learn more about the author and the books available.

Whimsical Publications is open for submissions. Check out our submission page for more information.


Happy reading and writing!

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