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More about author D.M. Thornton

WP Where is the most memorable place you have ever traveled?

DM – I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled all over the United States, but my most memorable place would have to be New York. My grandparents took me on a trip when I was in high school, starting off in the Poconos and ending in Canada. Although we stopped in every state along the way and saw so many beautiful and historical places, New York was truly amazing. I’m still enamored by that city.

WP Is there a place you want to visit?

DM – There are so many places I would love to visit, but being I have some Sicilian in me, I HAVE to go to Italy. It’s been a dream of mine since I was young and hope to check off my bucket list some time sooner rather than later. I dream about walking the cobblestone streets, riding in a gondola, drinking too much wine and espresso, and stuffing my face with rice balls, fresh pasta and cannolis!

WP What would you consider one of your greatest accomplishments?

DM – My three kids are my greatest accomplishments. Sure, I have accomplished a lot in my life, thus far, but nothing compares to being their mom. They are the force that drives me.

WP – Who is your favorite character you have created?

DM – My favorite character is Brittany from the Lost series. We have a special connection…a bond, if you will. Her growth and strength inspired me. She kept me company during a difficult time personally, and even though she had me in tears, I will always consider her to be one of my favorites.

WP Is there any genre you want to try, but haven’t yet?

DM – I would love to get back to my roots, so to speak, and write paranormal and contemporary horror. There’s nothing like reading a book that scares the piss outta ya, and I want to deliver something that has the reader scratching their heads questioning my sanity.

WP What is your creative process like? Do you prefer quiet or a noisy atmosphere when writing?

DM – Well, being a stay-at-home mom of three, I don’t get much time to sit down for any length of time to write. I generally sneak it in whenever possible, so during nap times or if I have an hour to kill while at sports practices. Since I’m a night owl, I get a lot of writing done after everyone goes to sleep. I prefer a quiet space with background music over noisy, but it’s very rare I get any quiet time. I’ve learned to adapt to my surroundings, whatever they might be. Now if I had my way, I would have a legit library/writing room, completely Pinterested out, where I can hide and write for hours. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

WP What do you want readers to take away from your stories?

DM – I hope that readers take away the emotion from my stories…to feel the love and passion of the characters. I want them to not want to put the book down, and when it’s over, I want them to want more.

WP If you could offer any piece of advice to the novice writer, what would it be?

DM – I’m not sure I could offer a novice writer a whole lot of advice as I, myself, am still a novice. But, I would say write for yourself, not for anyone else. Don’t over think too much, and don’t be afraid to write outside the lines. When you stop caring what everyone else thinks and let your inhibitions go, something truly amazing transpires.

WP Do you have anything releasing soon?

DM – Not at the moment since Lost Without You, the second book in the Lost series, just came out. But Lost Forever, the final book in the series, will be the next book to be released.

WP Where can we find you on the web?

DM – I’m on all social media sites, and I have a website. I love to hear from readers, so stop on by and leave a message. Let’s talk about books!


Goodreads: dmthorntonwriter

Facebook: DM Thornton

Twitter: dmthorntonwrit1

Instagram: dmthorntonwriter

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