What draws you in?

As I sit here working on a picture book about dogs for kids to enjoy, I have the TV on for background noise. When I get tired of hearing about black holes and the universe, I turn to a channel where a movie I love is on: A Walk to Remember with Shane West and Mandy Moore. It gets me to thinking.

What is it that draws a person to a movie, a book, a product, or whatever?

I know the obvious answer in this case is the story line. It pulls at the heart strings because of the controversy, love and loss between the two main characters.

But what about other things?

The commercials in between work hard to get you interested in purchasing their products. They involve a cartoon with a helmet, half-naked women, before and after pictures to get you to see how good a product can make you look, how a guy can fall in love with a potato chip, cereal being sneaky cannibals to a piece of chocolate (which I think is kinda creepy).

But does that really draw you in?

With so many books being published, either self or traditional,  how does one stand out to grab your attention?

Does a random posting about a book bring you to want to read it?

“A comedic romp where the environmental quagmires of our day have been left to mutate and fester, Grumbles the Novel is a modern skewing of love, politics and power. With evil doers and potato pirates a foot, Pettie is given the mission to boldly go where no Grumbles has gone before and return to Canada, where she must defeat the dreaded Weatherman before he deploys his secret weapon.”  –Grumbles the Novel by Karen Faris  http://www.whimsicalpublications.com/Karen_Faris/Grumbles_the_Novel.html

Is it the cover art?


Is it the author? Their credentials? Their name?

Do awards draw you in? A contest?

Or is it more word of mouth?

Do repeated posts of the same product make you want to see what it is all about? Or does it cause you to roll your eyes and think, If I see that one more time… Does it desensitize you to future postings? Or cause you to think Oh yeah! I forgot to check that out. Great reminder!

Now that I’ve posted some questions to get you thinking and hopefully responding, back to working on that book I mentioned, Dino & Lily by Athina Simon.

Like how I did that?


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Celebrate with us during our Expansion Party!

We are giving away all kinds of stuff over at our Facebook page during our Expansion Party! Come join us! 

If you have a manuscript tucked away in a corner, dust it off and send it in. We are open for submissions.

What better way to bring in spring that with free stuff!


four-leaf-clover cat

Whimsical Publications



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All Day Expansion Party – Friday, March 20th, starting at 0900 EST

We are only a few short days from our expansion party on our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whimsical-Publications-LLC/101117552854 – and the guest list is growing!

four-leaf-clover cat

Some of the authors who will be participating are:

Sharon McGregor – www.sharonmcgregor.com

Lisa Lickel – http://livingourfaithoutloud.blogspot.com

Destiny Booze – www.destinybooze.com

Melissa Hosack – https://sites.google.com/site/melissahosack/

Donna Michaels – www.donnamichaelsauthor.com

Elaine Braman and Margarete Johl – www.coast2coastpenpals.com

…to name a few.

Prizes from autographed books to gift cards to all kinds of bling will be given away to those who find the four-leaf clover cat on the author websites. On our publisher website, http://www.whimsicalpublications.com/ , we will have that pesky cat posted in several places for more opportunities to win!

We will also be giving away prizes on our Facebook page to those who chat it up and ask their inner most pressing questions concerning the universe, our books, about the writing/publishing process, about cats, and we will even allow talk about dogs!  Cats rule, dogs drool! lol.

So join us Friday, March 20th for the grand celebration and expansion party. It starts at 0900 EST and is an all day event, so pop in and say hi any time during the day!

I look forward to seeing some outlandish postings on March 20th!

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As always, Whimsical Publications is open for submissions.

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We are having an expansion party, and you are invited!

**Drum roll** Big news here at Whimsical Publications!! We are having a celebration! It’s an Expansion Party, and you are invited!

We are thrilled to announce we have brought in more editors and a cover artist to make the process from submission to completed book a lot smoother and quicker for those manuscripts accepted for publications. So we decided to share our joy with you!

On Friday, March 20th, author interviews and blurbs from our books will be posted all day long on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whimsical-Publications-LLC/101117552854. Contests are also being held throughout the day. And the biggest news is we are having a scavenger hunt as well!

A link will be provided to participating author sites where they have placed a four-leaf clover cat somewhere on their website. All you have to do is find it and message the author. The winners will be chosen Friday evening, with the names posted over the weekend. Don’t spill the beans in a posting on the location of the clovers. I always loved that game Don’t Spill the Beans. Always caused me to jump when the bucket tipped over and the beans spilled all over the place.  lol

Anyhoo, keep checking back as more info and the names of participating authors will be posted throughout the upcoming weeks. Be sure to share this posting so all your peeps can join in on the fun too. Make a competition out of it. See who can find a clover first. See who can find the most clovers.

We hope to see all kinds of smiling faces on our Facebook page on Friday, March 20th, for our big all-day celebration!

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The Outer Banks Series by Destiny Booze


alteredbeginnings_originalred predeterminedendings_frontacceleratingcircumstances_proof

This romantic suspense series leaves your heart racing with anticipation and has you wondering who will make it out alive. 

Reviews for Altered Beginning:

“This was an action packed romance novel. I loved the interaction of the characters. I am looking forward to the next book.”

“The book keep me wanting to come back for more. It was very hard to put down.Very exciting and excellent to read. The author is great. I hope to see more of her books.”

“Altered Beginnings begins strong and keeps the reader until the end, delivering a satisfying conclusion. Don’t miss out on this wonderful story. A+ job, Ms. Booze.”

Blurb for Altered Beginning:

The headline in the small town newspaper read Girl Missing, Presumed Dead or Worse.

Leigh Lawson returned to Nags Head, North Carolina after four years with a huge shock. That big and bold headline was about her! Everyone thought she was dead!

The truth was that she was doing well. While gone, she had gotten clean from drugs and worked hard to get her bachelor’s degree in engineering. With her life back on track, she returns home in hope that she will receive a warm welcome. Instead, she gets the townsfolks’ disdain.

Everyone hates her, everyone except Jason Altarez, an ambitious and resilient reporter with his sights locked on Leigh. He chases her with oozing charm and romance, but does he really want her or is he after his next story?

Leigh’s life soon spirals out of control when the police recruit her for an undercover assignment. They want her to go back to the life of her troubled teenage years, back into the drugs, and help them to bring the local drug supplier to conviction. It may be Leigh’s only chance to redeem herself with her family and friends. If she can complete this one assignment, the town will forgive her. The only problem is that she needs to figure out how to stay alive in the process…

Jason is her continuous partner through it all, proving his dedication to her as he struggles to keep her safe. Leigh wants to believe he is a man of his word. She wants to believe that her heart isn’t completely foolish for falling for him, especially when she discovers evidence that Jason may be working for the very drug dealer that Leigh is trying to have arrested. Will he betray her in the end or will he demonstrate the most romantic notion of all – that love at first sight truly exists?

Reviews for Predetermined Ending:

“I found myself deeply involved in this story, unwilling to put it down for any length of time until I found out what was going to happen! If you love danger, intrigue, and rapidly developing plots that rush the characters toward a dramatic ending, you will love Predetermined Endings!”

“Another fantastic book by Destiny Booze, this story builds on Altered Beginnings. I recommend this book if you enjoy action and adventure.”

“I’m not a huge reader, so I was shocked that I fell madly in love with this book. I really couldn’t put it down. It’s awesome! I still keep picking it up to re-read my favorite parts over and over again. Love it!”

Blurb for Predetermined Endings:

Angelica Chappell’s story made huge headlines. Only a few months ago, she released a new pharmaceutical drug called Krytonix that effectively slows the spread of cancer cells. She had no idea her story would attract the attention of a serial killer. Suddenly, she is a target whether she realizes it or not. This killer is interested in more than her life. He wants her reputation, too. His first mission is to sabotage Krytonix.

William Pierce worked undercover for the FBI for five years to bring down a ruthless mobster that he ultimately is forced to kill. Two months have passed by since that assignment. Still, William saw things he can’t talk about. He did things he can’t talk about. He believes his soul is damned. Returning to “normal” everyday life isn’t an option. He isn’t the same man he used to be. He refuses to return to FBI headquarters, and instead, becomes a rogue agent with an agenda.

When Pierce’s agenda leads him to Chappell, it will take both of them to keep Angelica alive and figure out who is after her. William soon finds himself developing feelings for Angelica. Too bad for her killer, William worked as a trained hit-man for the mob. Will he find her killer and hand him over to the legal system to see that justice is served, or will he
search and destroy?

Reviews for Accelerating Circumstances:

“While this is my first time reading anything by Ms. Booze it certainly will not be the last time. I could not put this book down. It was a thrill ride from the beginning to the end. Her characters are complex and the plot kept me wondering what was going to happen next. I did not expect the ending. That takes talent.”

“If you’re a fan or romantic suspense with a small paranormal element, then this is a great book to read. “

This is a very clever story with an end the reader might not see coming.”

Blurb for Accelerating Circumstances:

Jenny is different. She can read people’s minds.

At age seventeen, Jenny Reid was arrested for killing her own mother. There was no evidence that an intruder entered the house. No one believed her as a teenager when she tried to tell them how she felt the killer’s rage saturated within the walls, that she knew the presence of evil had been there. The police thought she was crazy, not psychic.

A conviction was never made in the case due to lack of evidence. Jenny is still the sole suspect, but now, she is doing something about it. She’s on the right side of the law, an FBI agent determined to finally find justice for her mom.

The time has come to set things right and nothing will stand in her way. She’ll come up close with evil again and face the ultimate choice—kill or be killed in these ACCELERATING CIRCUMSTANCES.

To learn more about these exciting books and the author who wrote them, visit http://www.whimsicalpublications.com

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A great chat with author Sharon McGregor


sharon chat     Sharon chat 1

    Thanks, Mousey. You made it just right. Did I mention I love coffee? As in coffee, coffee and more coffee. Black, no sugar. Large mug.

     I’m thrilled to make it for you. As a fellow coffee drinker, I completely understand. I love a little caramel macchiato in mine, though. So, what made you first want to be a writer? I love your book, by the way.

     Awww, how sweet. I’ve always loved  inventing stories. I grew up an only child on a farm and my imagination was my best friend. I’d make up stories surrounding the farm animals  but it was years before I felt the need to commit them to paper. I was an obsessive reader though, even as a child, and devoured all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. Even then I loved mysteries.

     Me too! I loved them, as well as the Cherry Ames books. What inspired you to write Island Charms?

     I wanted to create a scenario for a cozy mystery where outside contact was cut off and thought what better place than a remote island in the Lake of the Woods. I used to work at an island fishing camp there during the summers of my college years. Access was by boat and float plane and there was a real feeling of isolation. 

     Wow! That can get kind of creepy or kind of great depending on your reason to be there. When you write, do you need complete silence? Or do you require background noise?

     I need relative quiet to get started on a block of work, but once I’m ‘in the groove’ it doesn’t matter so much. I like to have music in the background, but classical rather than pop.

    What is your creative process like? Are you regimented? Or do you write whenever the feeling hits you?

     I try to set myself up with a goal of so many words a day, but I can get side-tracked or bogged down when something just doesn’t want to gel. Then I usually either go for a long walk with the dogs or switch to a different project – maybe an outline for a new story or do a few blog entries until I can get back on schedule. If I’m really having problems I can be convinced (by myself) to take the day off.

     It’s great to be flexible. Sometimes the characters in a book want a day off, too. Is there any genre you want to try, but haven’t yet?

    When I was a child my father loved to read westerns – Zane Grey especially. Someday I’d like to try my hand at a western, but it would be a little different from the Zane Grey Dad read. Maybe a little more romance, a few more bare-chested cowboys. Ooh, now I’m getting distracted – Back to the questions.

     It’s okay to be distracted by a cowboy. Being a mouse, I prefer a good hunk of cheese myself rather than a hunk. lol. Oh well, as you said, back to the interview. What would you say are the benefits of being an author? The downside?

     It’s fun to live vicariously through your writing. I think you get a powerful feeling of control knowing you can guide the story and make life and your characters work out the way you choose. That all sounds lovely until sometimes, one of your characters simply refuses to co-operate. It’s almost like real life. The downside is that there are times you feel like tearing out your hair because you think every word you wrote that day or that week is total gibberish and no one will ever want to read it, including yourself. 

     Well, you don’t have to worry about that with Island Charms. Okay. We are going a bit off-topic. These are the fun questions in an interview. What makes a perfect day for you?

    Sunshine, four legged friends to pet or walk and time spent with my family. I love watching my grandchildren with their sports.  Of course an afternoon at the spa would top it all off.

    What is something really embarrassing that has happened to you?

     I’ve never been talented mechanically. One day my car wouldn’t back out of the driveway no matter what I did. I thought something terrible had happened-maybe transmission problems. I called my son in law to see if he could figure out what was wrong. He had the answer immediately. My parking brake was on! I rarely use it so never thought of that.

     Oh my goodness! I can so see the look on his face when he found that! You’ve spoken a lot about animals. If you were an animal, which would you choose and why?

     An elephant. They have so many wonderful attributes. They form families and groups that stay together. Female elephants bond in friendship for a lifetime. They are intelligent and caring. They grieve as we do for the death and illness of their friends.

     An elephant. What an excellent choice. If you could bring any of your characters to bring to life, who would you choose and why?

     Abby’s daughter, Mandy. She doesn’t play a large role in Island Charms but in the next one in the series, Murder at the Island Spa, she takes on a much bigger part. Mandy is training to be a vet. She loves animals and seems to have a great understanding and empathy for people at her young age. She also has a sense of humor and the ability to accept her parents’ divorce without taking sides and without rancor.

     She sounds like someone I’d love to meet. As for you, what would you consider to be one of your greatest accomplishments?

     My attempts to overcome my fear of heights. I don’t go out on balconies above the third floor. I quit wearing platform shoes because they were too high from the ground. I am TERRIFIED of heights. But then I started hanging out with a group of sky-diving friends. I actually convinced myself to jump out of an airplane – twice. Then I learned to fly and got my pilot’s license. I’m still afraid of heights, but I’m proud of my attempts to conquer the fear.

    I have never been able to convince myself to leap out of a perfectly good working plane. That takes guts! Well done. What do you hope readers will take away from your stories?

     A cozy mystery to me is both an escape into another life and a way to feel there is structure and justice in our world. In a cozy mystery, the bad guy always gets his just deserts and murder is avenged. The universe unfolds exactly as it should. I hope readers are left with the enjoyment of sharing a part of the life of people they feel connected to.

     The reader will not be disappointed with Island Charms, Sharon. Tell us where we can find you around the web.

Author Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/SharonMcGregorauthor

Web page and blog – http://www.sharonmcgregor.com

Google – https://plus.google.com/u/0/+SharonMcGregor/posts

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7449453.Sharon_McGregor

Twitter – @sharonmcgr

Amazon author page – http://www.amazon.com/Sharon-McGregor/e/B00IO31F1I/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

        Sharon, it has been a pleasure to have you here with us today.

  sharon chat 2

sharon chat 3

sharon chat 4

To learn more about Island Charms by Sharon McGregor, Click on
the link provided below:



From Whimsical Publications, we wish a very merry Christmas and happy holidays to our readers, our authors, and to everyone! Here’s to a fantastic 2015!

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Make Your Own Time Stand Still


Has this ever happened to you? I know it has to me. I spent the better part of my childhood dreaming up grand scenarios for how my life would turn out when I was an adult. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s how most of us spend our childhoods. The great ability of children is the power to dream amazing things.

But when we reach adulthood, no one ever ends up where they think they are going to end up. Life happens out of our control. We may come out the other side somewhere sort of-kind of where we wanted to end up, but even if we do, we’re usually a little bruised, bumped and disheveled along the way. And sometimes we end up so far away from our original goal we don’t even remember what that goal looked like anymore. This can be very disheartening.

But then, something like this happens. You’re going along in your every day life, plodding along like the masses, and out of nowhere, something amazing happens. You meet someone who sets your heart on fire. You run into an old friend you haven’t talked to in ages and it’s like no time has ever passed. You help someone who needed it way more than you did. You create something beautiful. You go on a random adventure. You see a gorgeous sunset. I could keep listing for paragraphs. My point is, something happens that makes you stop for a second, and whatever it is, you feel a little bit of that childlike giddiness and whimsy again. You can see all these great possibilities for yourself. For just a moment, you are that dreamer again.

These moments can be elusive if we get too distracted by the rat race to pay attention. So while becoming an adult is unavoidable, and we all have to run in our own hamster wheel, there is nothing that says we have to stay in the wheel perpetually. Get out once in awhile and look at what is around you, at who is around you. Make your own time stand still and really appreciate the beautiful things in your life. Allow yourself to imagine the possibilities.

Because regardless of our age or our situation, everyone deserves to dream.

-Brieanna Robertson

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Big news for Whimsical Publications



We have several big events going on over the next couple of months here at Whimsical Publications. Please feel free to share this information with others.

The biggest one is the expansion of the business in 2015 by bringing in more editors and another cover artist to assist with getting our books into the hands of the readers faster. The editors at WP are hard at work but the manuscripts are backing up. This will help reduce the backlog. As submissions increase, consideration will be given to adding more positions. WP is open for submissions.

We are looking for dedicated persons interested in working with our staff and authors in the following positions:

Editor – Three to four positions.

The editor will provide professional services of proofread, light edit, medium edit, and/or
heavy/developmental edit on manuscripts submitted to Whimsical Publications. Please send us your name, editing experience, and any other pertinent information you feel we should evaluate to jobs@whimsicalpublications.com or through the Contact WP page on the website. You will be sent a confirmation email informing you we have received your information.   http://www.whimsicalpublications.com

Cover Artist – One position.

The artist must be able to provide a professional jpeg front and back cover design for
manuscripts assigned to them to our specifications and size. Artist will do his/her best to work with the authors to ensure the design meets their approval. Please send examples or a link to a portfolio of your work to jobs@whimsicalpublications.com or through the Contact WP page on the site. You will be sent a confirmation email informing you we have received your information.  http://www.whimsicalpublications.com

The WP administration will review applications on an ongoing basis until all the positions are filled.


Our Next event is a huge e-book sale during the entire month of December 2014. All our e-books will be marked down to $0.99 – $2.99, depending on the book. Readers can purchase them from both Amazon and our website at the discounted prices. The stories our authors weave can take you to far away places never imagined. With the Christmas holiday just around the corner, why not give a gift that will last a lifetime, through reading.

cat with books 1

(We are in the process of putting together e-book box sets; they will not be a part of the sale.)

Our last event at Whimsical Publications is a fundraising cookbook for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

We are in the planning phase of a cookbook, with the proceeds going to Juvenile Diabetes
Research Foundation (JDRF) to help find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. If you have a recipe
of your own creation and you want to donate it to the book, please send an email to recipes@whimsicalpublications.com. If chosen, your name will be place on the recipe page, giving you credit for it.

The recipes do not have to be diabetic in nature. They can be a main course, a dessert, a side dish, or have a holiday theme. They simply need to be yours. This book is for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.

The book will be available in both e-book and print Spring 2015. For the e-book, 100% of the proceeds will go to JDRF. For the print version, everything minus the cost of printing will be donated. That being said, there will be no royalties for those providing recipes. We want as much money as possible to go to this great cause: the end of Type 1 diabetes.

For those who do not have something for the book but want to help, you can donate or join our team as a virtual walker and help us reach our goal of $1000. WP has been a proud supporter of JDRF since 2006, and we will be participating again with the 2015 walk. We’d love to have you. Click here to go to the Whimsical Publications Plodders Walk to Cure Diabetes page.

Our goal is to provide tasty cooking ideas while helping to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. We hope you will join us!

That’s our news for now. To check out our books, go to http://www.whimsicalpublication.com

Thank you.

Whimsical Publications

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Cookbook for a cause

recipe cat

We are in the planning phase of a cookbook, with the proceeds going to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to help find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. If you have a recipe of your own creation and you want to donate to the book, please leave a comment or send an email to recipes@whimsicalpublications.com . If chosen, your name will be place on the recipe page, giving you credit for it.

The recipes do not have to be diabetic in nature. They can be a main course, a dessert, a side dish, or have a holiday theme. They simply need to be original. This book is for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.

The book will be available in both e-book and print. For the e-book, 100% of the proceeds will go to JDRF. For the print version, everything minus the cost of printing will be donated. That being said, there will be no royalties for those providing recipes. We want as much money as possible to go to this great cause: the end of Type 1 diabetes.

For those who do not have something for the book but want to help, you can donate or join our team as a virtual walker and help us reach our goal of $1000. WP has been a proud supporter of JDRF since 2006, and we will be participating again with the 2015 walk. We’d love to have you. Whimsical Publications Plodders Walk to Cure Diabetes page:

http://www2.jdrf.org/site/TR?fr_id=4770&pg=team&team_id=171308 .

Our goal is to provide tasty cooking ideas while helping to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. We hope you will join us!


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E-book sale in December


cat with books 1

Whimsical Publications is thankful for all the years we have been able to bring you quality books from our outstanding authors. So to celebrate both this magical time of year and our success, all our e-books will be discounted both on our website and at Amazon from December 1 to  December 31.

This is a great opportunity to share the wonders of a lifetime through words and  imagination, and allow you to stay tucked in all nice and warm while doing so.

To each and every one of you, thank you! Happy reading!







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