Leap Year Celebration

2016 is a leap year!

That calls for a celebration!

How are we going to celebrate?

By having a day of fun and giveaways!

When are we going to have it?

Why…on the Leap Year Day: Monday, Feb 29th

Where are we going to celebrate?

On our Twitter page: https://twitter.com/WhimsicalBooks

Come join in the celebration of leap year on our Twitter page on Feb 29th, starting at 10 am EST.  We will have a scavenger hunt on the Whimsical Publication page, http://www.whimsicalpublications.com/index.html , with free ebooks, gift cards, bling and the release of several new books from authors Melissa Saari, Brieanna Robertson and Russell H. Plante.

We look forward to having you celebrate with us!

Remember, Monday, Feb 29th at 10am on our Twitter page.

Be there or be square!

grinning WP cat

Whimsical Publications


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